Innovation by India for India

“As we, in India, debate the balance between technology adoption, knowledge generation, and its conversion to practice and to products, Ramaswami, in this book, asserts that commercializable innovations will be an important tool for developing India. Innovation is needed not only for global marketing for wealth creation, but even more importantly to address our own problems in India.  Fostering an environment yielding many such innovations is certainly an important topic.  The author has done well covering many of the factors with particular reference to India.  The work reflects his knowledge and experience and has several specific ideas worth consideration.”

Dr. Anurag Kumar
Director, IISc.


“Dr. Ramaswami has extensively researched the status of India’s education and research scenarios. He has some excellent suggestions on how to foster innovation in education, research laboratories, and industries to ensure long range sustained economic progress of India.”

Padma Bhushan  Dr. V. Rajaraman
Hon. Professor, Supercomputer Education & Research Centre, IISc.


“The presentation is very thorough and comprehensive with lucid examples to drive home the views.  The book has a profound message.  I see the author has lofty dreams. But, as he himself has pointed out, India – despite its corruption, bureaucracy, and obsession with short-term benefits – can indeed step up to the challenge of innovation by implementing many of the ideas in this book.”

Dr. Ravi Subramanyam
Worldwide Director of Technology, Colgate-Palmolive Co., USA